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The Memory of Eldurim

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It certainly does look nice for an indie game, but I'm still wary as fuck of this one.

  • The dev responds to every single negative review and attempts to downplay them.
  • It's a game that they admit is no where near done but it has a base price of £15.
  • They claimed to be updating this 'weekly', but from the update history page they seem to have reduced that to anywhere between 1 - 4 months.
  • It's been in alpha for almost 2 years now and still not near completion, which makes me think it never will be.
  • The CryEngine seems to be their biggest selling point (makes the graphics look alright, even if animation looks clunky).

Looks like the hobby of a couple of friends that completely misjudged the value of the thing they're tinkering with. Good luck to them, but fuck does it reek of a money grab.

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As I understood it, it's just 2 guys building it, so yeah, many years left until this is actually a game...

As always with early access, any money spent should be considered down the drain until proven otherwise (i.e. don't expect to get anything in return for your money)

(tbf, 2 years in development is no time at all, even if it was a full studio making it)


Will be interesting to follow this one, see where it leads (or abruptly stops)

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This is single player RPG right?


Well anyway, looks interesting for an indie production. That's certain, but I'll wait for full finished production.  Playing alpha/beta/unifinished version of games, especially SP games is not my cup of tea in 99,99% of cases.



Seem like a good job for a project done with only 2 people, I will wait for finished project though before any purcharse or playing.

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