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(Arkenstone) Descendants of Arnor - Recruiting anyone!

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  • Recruiting everyone and anyone from levels 1 to 100.
  • We're a Rank 10 Kinship.
  • We're on the world Arkenstone.
  • Small clan but out goal is to grow fast.
  • We were previously Descendants of Numenor on the world Meneldor.
  • Already have a kinship house with lots of decorations.
  • The officers of the clan are experienced players who can also help anyone who needs it.

How To Join

  • Message Borknoir or Halrander to get invited.


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I hope you get many members of quality.


An unrelated question for everyone:  what is the benefit for stating being a rank 10 kinship, since the only thing that ranks 8-10 offers is a max cap increase for characters, 1300, 1400 and 1500, respectively?  It is a rare thing for a kinship to gain 1500 characters, and I imagine that that many would be harder to herd than a room full of cats.

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