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Project 2002 - The Age of Al'Kabor - Old School EverQuest

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I am here to tell you about our server, Project 2002!


The scope of this project is to emulate Planes of Power Era EverQuest (circa 2002). We have motivated staff and the intention to release content in a timely manner to avoid congestion of raid content and stagnation of the server at all costs. This also means that we rely heavily on our community, which keeps providing us with excellent bug reports to improve on both server code and the database. This project is a community effort, and we would like to take a moment to thank everyone for all the hard work they put into this project!


Project 2002 was launched on 20th of March 2015, the Ruins of Kunark expansion followed on 19th of June, and Scars of Velious was released on 19th of December. Besides those expansions we have also released the Optional Odus Zones (The Warrens, Stonebrunt Mountains and the Hole), Shar Vahl and Shadeweaver's Thicket (which means Vah'Shir and Beastlords are available), the Nexus, the Bazaar and Shadow Haven - and the Plane of Knowledge.


Plane of Mischief and the 2nd level of Plane of Hate (which was introduced during Velious on Live) are targeted for a release in Q1/Q2 of 2016, and the work on Cazic Thule and Luclin will begin once those zones are completed.

Our server is based on the Open Source code base started by EQMac Emu, which in turn originated with Project EQ and the EQ Emulator Community. Without their years of combined work this project would not be possible. Our gratitude goes out to everyone involved in those communities!


If you want to find out more about the team and people behind this project, please visit the "About" page and the "Team" page at http://p2002.com


The Vision:

Project 2002 is about playing in fairness, having fun, enjoying the quest for pixels and building a community. We promote a healthy competitive raid environment with a hands off GM approach. Much like the original Live Servers, we operate under a Free For All rule set and will only be enforcing EQLive's "Play Nice Policy". Guides are available to help people with petitions, but when it comes to raid and group content, it will be up to players to mediate and create their own resolutions to disputes.


We operate under a 3 box limit, we want this to be an equal opportunity server for all players. While we realize we can't technically force people to be social and group with each other, there are experience mechanics in place that greatly encourage groups with more than 3 characters (not unlike the original Al'Kabor EverQuest Server).


Learn more at http://p2002.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8


If you have any further questions that are not covered in our FAQ, feel free to open a thread on our General forums. We hope to see you in "our world" soon!



Everquest is a registered trademark of Daybreak Game Company LLC.

Project 2002 is not associated or affiliated in any way with Daybreak Game Company LLC.

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Just a pointer. Daybreak authorized the predecessor of this project, I'm assuming that extends to this as well?

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I am not a part of the staff so I couldn't tell you if they are in contact with DBG and/or authorized by DBG. There are a (butt)load of EQ Emulator servers out there, more than 40 on EQEMU alone, I doubt DBG is in contact with any but the biggest one(s?) and having seen the extent of "collaboration" between DBG and Project 1999 I would venture a guess that "collaboration" was mostly P99 not being sued by delaying their Velious launch for a few months, as DBG had Progression Server launches planned for the exact same time frame. 

My guess is DBG doesn't really care much about EQEMU, but P99 has reached such a big population they had to do "something" about it, and this was likely the only way to mess with P99 without having to deal with the backlash.

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We have seen lots of new faces with the anniversary celebrations going on; Here are some testimonials from our general forums::

Just wanted to say hello all! 

I found this server over the weekend while watching Greengrocer's stream.

I am so happy this server exsists!! 

Now help me decide something please...

The first night i started i rolled a beastlord because i was just so damn excited. Green helped me get to lvl 9 quickly and then i decided to go try to do the ogre bst newbie armor quests and lost faith quickly.

I am now thinking i should start a duo out and i know for sure one of those will be a druid as he will be my go to PLer for future toons and friends. 

Question is, what do you all feel would be a fun toon to duo with him? Im not a pro boxxer so ease of use is important. I also am not too fond of necro's. Everything else however is on the table. 

I look forward to your responses and cant wait to see you all in game.

While browsing Twitch on Saturday, I came across Greengrocer's stream for p2002 and decided I'd give the server a shot. I'd never had the chance to raid Velious or Luclin and have always wanted to try playing a beastlord.

I created Bossk and started exping in Field of Bone. By the time I'd hit level 4, Greengrocer passed through the zone and spent his time helping me level with a DS and regen. With his help, I quickly hit level 9 in the pit and had my first warder. At the end of the session, Hassling, passed through and gave me a Crystalline Spider Fang and Greengrocer an Amulet of Insight. Now I was doing some actual damage!

I began making trips between PoK and Kurn's. Every time I hit PoK someone was kind enough to give me buffs to keep the exp flying.

After I'd leveled past Kurn's, I began to do the same with Overthere and then Warslik's Woods. Last night, Imarogue, was kind enough to let me join him in Unrest as he mass pulled the zone to get me through 29 and most of 30.

In four days, I've made it through my first hell level and am sitting at 31. I've had interactions with lots of different people and everyone has been super chill and helpful. I've been picking up odds and ends of gear as I level, have been given a couple of items, and have saved up 2.4k towards what will be my first real purchase of SCHW for haste.

If you're thinking about giving the server a try, I'm confident you'll be blown away by how eager to help the folks on the server are.

And thanks to all those who have helped my first four days be so enjoyable (apologies to anyone I've forgotten or names I've confused):
Greengrocer - for your stream, help with the first 9 levels, and buying my bone chips for starter plat
Hassling - for the Crystalline Spider Fang
Skoris - for the buffs, plat, and Velium Spear
Barkles - for logging off his druid when asked for SoW and regen to log on a cleric, shaman, and enchanter to buff me
Imarogue - for allowing me to join his pling session in Unrest
Nagasin, Coloskin, Meagin, Dubbs, and the others I've forgot who have been eager to assist when asked if I could snag some buffs.

It's been great fun and I'm looking forward to the rest of the journey!

 didnt post when I joined about 5 days ago because I wanted to be sure that this is the place for me. I really appreciate the work being done here and the laid back attitude of the devs. Its just a game after all. 

I wanted to sent a thank you to Vincent and Motown who generously helped me at low level.

Just wanted to recognize this community for being friendly and a great place! People are friendly and helpful and that's appreciated more than its said I think. Also, GM Breezy helped me out of a n00b situation and was extremely prompt, knowledgeable and courteous. Much thanks!

Thanks to all the players on P2002 for creating an awesome community ! And on to another year or having a great time!

The celebration quests were a real blast, and the team has promised to come up with more fun events for the next big milestones. Next one coming up is the introduction of Innoruuk and CT (2.0)  followed by the release of Cazic Thule (the zone) 2.0 which should hit the live server by Summer!

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