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[Snowbourn] The Suffering

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Back row left to right :

Renny, Loddolas, Cirinoth, Eibreh, Kaitain Demeter, Estelas, Myathir, Greywolf, Eruantion, Caldair, Begos, Elgarion, Kadwyn

Middle row:

Onio, Merodo, Caedmun, Marita, Stomatolog

Front row left to right :

Cerafyn, Sekrish, Sklarin, Twilion, Tornric, Tornson, Weirdili, Archaon, Valanos, Karalin, Ellystar, Wellness


The Suffering is a large, established multi MMO Kin residing on the Snowbourn server. We are mostly experienced MMORPG players with backgrounds including CoH, DAoC , Eq, EQ2, Eve and WoW to name but a few.

We have core members that have been around since the very beginning. Our Kin is built on the principals of fun, comradeship and the desire to be a part of a team that drives to explore new content and prevail over all challenges placed before us.

To us, a Kin should be formed of players who aren't just interested in epic items, legendary weapons and all things uber. We are not ignorant to the fact that we all need to upgrade our gear and that there are some very tasty items out there. However we realise that we can't get these things without the help of our fellow Kin Members.

We strive to achieve success in end game content in any of the games we play but we like to do this in a controlled way. Recruitment is rigorous and deliberately kept relatively small. We pride ourselves on matching the right people to the right role and only seek to recruit as required.

If you're thinking of applying to The Suffering then please note:

1) All our applicants go through a 4 week trial. The trial consists of nothing more than getting to know each other, awwww. The only restrictions for an initiate are that you will not have access to the Kin Stash, not that theres much of use in there these days . In general we try not to take on more than 10 people per month so that the Kin is not overwhelmed by a flood of new members and the initiate has a better chance to get to know how the Kin works and vice versa.

2) Simply being in the Kin for 4 weeks does not guarantee you will become a member. Feedback will be gathered from the Kin as a whole before any decision is made. After the trial period has passed, if you have proved yourself to be an all round good fun and nobody has had any reason to make a complaint, you are promoted to member.

3) Also, if you are not around much, or do not participate in any activities with the Kin then it is very hard for us to get to know you and your initiate period is very likely to be extended or failed.

If you feel you can contribute to The Suffering then please make a post in our Recruitment section using the template the-suffering.org - Welcome the LOTRO forums of The Suffering

We generally favour players over the age of 21 but if you are under 21 and can display a high level of maturity and common sense then you will be considered.

We won't tolerate whiners, beggars, ninjas, pains in the arse and general idiocy.

When you join The Suffering you are an Ambassador for the Kin and you are expected to wear the name with pride and respect for yourself and others.

We have an Ethos of getting involved, its a two way street, getting involved means getting to know people in the Community and becoming part of it. We are an ol well established community in LotRO so if you have read all this and still want to join the mayhem follow the link and post an application.

You can visit us at our kin website or on our official Turbine recruitment thread. We look forward to meeting you all in Middle Earth.

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Other things to mention that are not covered above:

  • Full Ventrilo Server
  • Weekly raids to BG and OD
  • SM crafters in all professions
  • Instances and Events happening every night.
  • Very active forums
  • Members from across the whole EU. None from across the pond as yet..
  • Gaz's world famous joke book

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Our raid schedule is now changing to give more precedence to OD to crack that on T2 and beyond. BG/DN will still be run on a regular basis for kinnies to finish their sets. More details on the forums.

OD progress:

T1: Wound, Disease, fear and poison

T2: Wound, Disease

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Greetings, we are now actively recruiting again, so if your interested in joining, follow the link, read the instructions and post up and application.

We are looking for all types of players, of any class, any race and any level, but we are looking for a few 65's to shore up the raiding objectives as well as lower levels to help pasd out the social aspect of the Kin.


With respect


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I like the optimism that we'll be back online by then! I'm sure I have some leftover pies somewhere to bring along though.

Ahem. Maybe just the crumbs then. Never leave pies in the reach of a herd of hobbits... :Y)

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