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Loot Crate

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Dont know how many of you have heard of Loot Crate, but it is subscription that gets you a box of geeky stuff for $29.95 a month.  It works out around £20 for us Brits.  Every box has an estimated retail value of $45.  There is always a t-shirt, and other weird and wacky things.  You dont know what is in each box until after the cut off date each month

The last box came with a Deadpool t-shirt and a Deadpool ornament, as well as some walking dead soap on a rope in the shape of ears.

Previous months have had a replica Hoverboard from Back to the Future.  A Bill and Ted t-shirt and even a mulitpass from the Fifth Element.  You can see what has been in the past boxes here https://www.lootcrate.com/past_crates

Each month has a theme, last month the theme was Dead.  Next month is Verses.  It will have stuff from Alien V Predator, Spock V Mirror Spock, Daredevil v Punisher, Batman V Superman and Harley Quinn v the world.

If anyone is interested I can get them $5 off the first month subscription, note you can cancel your sub at any time you are not locked in any time period.  The offer runs out 19/03/2016.  Before anyone says anything yes I get $5 off for everyone that I refer.  So if you want to try it, sent me a message with your email address and I will use it to send you a referral.

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My brother hooked me up with a Horror-themed version of Loot Crate for my birthday last year. Next month marks the last box I'll be getting (they only got me a 6-month sub), and while there has definitely been some value to be had in these (the t-shirts are usually nice, sometimes you get a cool bobblehead or sign art print), I don't think I would continue the service, nor pick up a different type of similar service. Why? Because most of the stuff I will never use, and it just becomes ever-increasing clutter. Cool, themed clutter, but clutter all the same.

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Just got my latest box and I have a code for WOW, it has all the current expansions and 30 days play time.  This is only for new players

I am not planing to use it so I will post it here.  All I ask is that who ever uses it posts here or sends me a PM to say it has been claimed so I can remove it to stop others trying 

 The code has been claimed

Just go to battle.net/code

create a new account or use one you have if you havent played WOW on it

The you can enter the code and download the game.

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