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[Gilrain] Broken: A Kin Reforged

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Broken, a kinship risen from the ashes of The Dutch Legion in August 2007 by Poesje. After recuperating in numbers and a half merge with Defenders of the Light in September 2007, Broken got strong and was (for a short time) amongst the first kinships on the Gilrain server to attempt the endgame content LOTRO offered at the time. When it became clear that Broken couldn't compete/keep up with the kinships that were doing endgame content, the leader and founder Poesje left in November 2007 for more endgame experience, leaving Smartbean in charge.

In an attempt to keep Broken alive, some new officers have been appointed, of which one appeared to be a bad apple, resulting in a mass booting of members just before Christmas 2007. In January 2008 Broken recovered when a majority of members returned after what happened just before Christmas.

To seek more safety Broken formed an alliance with The Last Warders and Warriors of Chaos (the LBW alliance). That alliance lasted for about 10 months after which WoC joined a bigger alliance, Last Warders went strong on their own and Broken went seeking for more company to stay alive. Luckily Broken's successor Rhianon had some ties within Children of the Sun and after a couple of chats Broken joined the alliance Allies of Light, which at the time consisted of: Children of the Sun (lead by Posie), Balrogs Bane (lead by Acrissios) and Wizards of the Third Age (LM/RK alt kin, lead by Tasarion).

At present, Broken has about 10ish active members with various alts spread around the alliance, who all still have a blast amongst old friends, familiar and new faces combined with a spark of ambition.

Regarding recruitment:

We aren't actively recruiting like many other kins. However, we are always open to new and expirenced players who show interest in joining. If you like to join Broken, then feel free to poke any Broken member ingame and you will most likely be directed to an officer who's online at that moment. So all you need to know is just a couple of questions away :)


Broken does have it's own webpage; http://lotro-broken.gamerdna.com/

Though I have to admit that it's severly outdated (again!), mostly due to the fact that we mainly arrange stuff ingame and rather on the fly so to speak.

As stated above, Broken is also part of the Allies of Light, which also has a website (which is more active then our own site): http://www.alliesoflight.com/

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