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Gaming press and rigged game reviews (video)


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While I will agree that 100% of the gaming press is  not worth the time reading, I wouldn't say all are "rigged".  For some/many/all they are as bad as any typical gamer in letting "expectations"  color their reporting/review/rant, or they are so afraid of being blacklisted they can't be honest, or they are so reliant on click bait articles to draw revenue, etcetera.   A gaming rag will never win a Pulitzer....ever.  There is a reason after all they have adverts, animated boobies, and random click bait splattered all over the place.  It's the only way they can make revenue.  To make revenue from actually doing their jobs (reporting/reviewing on various topics within the industry) they have to be competent/objective about it.  Neither of which will happen in our lifetimes.



EDIT Rigged implies a plan and an agenda, my opinion is the gaming press is more incompetent, cowardly and/or lacking in integrity. 

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