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[Landroval] Strayhold!

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That's us. We have been active since the beginning, so coming up on 10 years. We were on Silverlode, until that folded into Landroval. Frankly, I have found Landy to be a much more personable server.

We are active in raiding, we have our own voice chat, our kinship website is second to none (shoutbox, offline roster, member controlled header, schedulable events, crafting orders, housing, and much more).

But, we are MUCH more than raiders. We do a lot of less-than-intense stuff, and holiday festivals are heavily attended, me included. Snowballs are more important than gear :)

There is a lot to love about our membership, and a lot to get out of the game. So many extremely knowledgable players means that if you are thinking about coming back to LotRO, it won't be frustrating. Just hop in our Discord server or post on our msg board, and answers will be yours.

If you are thinking about joining a kinship, Strayhold might just be where you fit. Come visit :)


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