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So long and thanks for all the fish


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Haven't been around for a while, nor played anything, which pretty much brings my time here to a close.

As some of you know my wife passed away last May and now I've got more issues. I've been in and out of the Dr's for a while now, I'm now under the care of 4 different Dr's, and a therapist across 3 different hospitals as well as working with a Palliative Care Team. One of my daughters has moved back home because the Dr. doesn't think I should be living alone for safety reasons and I've had to give up driving. I was on my way to the store one day and suddenly had no idea where I was, where I was going or where I came from, another time I got so confused at an intersection I had to switch places so my daughter could drive so I haven't driven in a couple months.

Seems I have something on the Parkinson's Disease Spectrum, likely Lewy Bodies Disease, but the hard diagnosis will require time, observation and more testing. I'm having serious memory issues and confusion as well as Resting Tremors in my right arm, balance and gait issues, etc. I'm also having hallucinations though currently only in dim light situations.

It's not overly surprising, except that I thought Alzhiemer's. I've been having symptoms for a few years now but with my wife helping to compensate, after 32 years together she could pretty much read my mind and made a point of adjusting her routine to balance mine.

Anyways, I enjoyed my time here, even when at odds, you're a good bunch and I wish the best for all of you.

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