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Confused about Game Version History

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Now I have migrated my account to Turbine my account lists my game version history on the account page. What has me confused is that it says Shadows of Angmar™ Pre-order (EBGames™/GameStop™). I never pre order the game, in fact I joined about a year after the release of the game. Anyone else have this?

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Says the same under my Game Version History, even though I didn't pre-order SoA either. It's indeed a bit weird as there is also a SoA standard version listed on there, so it's a bit double. Besides, if it's not beneficial, it's not damaging either, right? At least that's a Dutch saying and am not sure if I translated it well :P

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Ahh I expected that it was a label thingie, something to level/even out the differences between Codies and Turbine's Account systems so the migration can flow better. But then I saw the standard SoA version listed and deleted the line in my reply and changed it to that it's a bit weird ^^

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Does everyone have this exact list as shown below? I had SOA standard and then the MoM/SoM/with something extra promo a year ago (adventure pack?). I didn't buy extra shared storage, or do some vips have no shared storage? I didn't buy extra character slots (i think i have the same number as the number of classes including MoM. I didn't buy anything from Dell either.

Game Version History

Extra Character Slot

Shadows of Angmar™ Dell Bundle

Mines of Moria™ Standard

Shared Storage

Shadows of Angmar™ Mines of Moria Promo

Shadows of Angmar™ Promo

Shadows of Angmar™ Standard

Siege of Mirkwood™

Shadows of Angmar™ Pre-order


Extra Character Slot

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All I'm getting is the Error 50000 message eaxch time i try to connect to a server

Also noticed that the new "Global Launcher" doesnt work with the US Account

I can log in via the Global Launcher, with my US account Login yet it takes me direct to the Chatacter Create screen

Log into the US Launcher with same US Account details it logs me at the character Select Screen

Edit .. I'm still waiting for my game to fully migrate over

so it only shows my game as "FREE"

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