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Trolling, an all or nothing affair?

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Just now, Doro said:

That's just low-level trolling. Really good trolling won't get noticed, which is why they don't get considered trolls.

Shouldn't all trolling, high brow or otherwise, have the same consequences?  

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8 hours ago, Amenhir said:

I had a point to starting this thread, but I've stopped caring between then and now.  Feel free to delete this one.  I think it's only the third one I've started in 3 years.

It's like the difference between armed robbery and pick-pocketing. Both reprehensible, but, you know... Personally only overt insults turn me on ;)

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1 hour ago, Almagnus1 said:

Are you looking for the peppermint bark flavored trolls or something?

Come on, no one actually likes peppermint bark.  It's the candy your grandmother gives that sits in the box for 10 years and can be used as dry wall.  If I'm having to pick a flavor I would go with chocolate peanut butter.  

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