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EA, p2w, and lootboxes

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19 hours ago, Tarantula said:


decent vid. not really much commentary to add beyond how this battle will be fought.  will the opposition sink costs if there is a long game at play? & on that front, not sure the shelf life is there for games that scorch the earth financially.  EA and the likes will only front a financial legal battle if there is a shelf life of profits long term & without concerted opposition (legal clout backed financially) Governments might just get legislation passed...

caveat:  just as the video above states how EA is overvalued & not based of multiple new developed IP, but rather the value is in profits generated via monitization schemes introduced around 2009...  the stock backers are out of touch.

most folk engaged in this battle, from Governments, to the Investors backing the Corporate Title Holders... how this is all framed will be key to any potential legal battles.  i am not confident in the forces at the helm & this could end up anywhere; from somewhere good, or entirely bad, to anywhere in between.


wanted to add this is info unique to our little segment of this saga & how it all came to be...


led to THIS:

not much has changed really.

of note RE the 2 vids i linked...  and interesting game of where are they now.  ;)

Ben Cousins (first vid) channel was active 3 years ago & radio silence for 2 years (Battlefield shuttered) & a year ago a 21 second bird watching vid & then nothing.  & Fernando...  *crickets*

rather apt.

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