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World of Warcraft "Classic"

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Blizzard sure has backpedalled from the infamous "You think you want it, but you really don't" Q&A.

I think ultimately people playing vanilla WoW FOR FREE on private servers will continue to do so (unless, of course, Blizzard is using this as an excuse to take sweeping legal action against private servers), either because 1).  Blizzard follows the Everquest model and simply timelocks content rather than actually emulating the classic game, or 2). No one plays it because it can take over 45 minutes to complete a kill quest in vanilla because of all the downtime, or 3). vanilla advocates realize that they in fact didn't really want it.  I'm currently playing on 2 different local LAN servers using the 2 best project databases (1 vanilla, 1 Wrath of the Lich King) and frankly, I enjoy WOTLK far more than vanilla.  

But I still maintain that the only reason Blizzard is doing this is to shut down vanilla emulator servers, because if those playing on EMUs aren't satisfied with the live product, they're not going to stick around.  And damned if today's WoW kewl dewd is going to put up with anything less than instant gratification and participation trophies.

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