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Is SW:TOR in bad shape?


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A bunch of self-entitled millennials having their hands held through the entire game, then whining about a lack of endgame.  Sound familiar?

Seriously, SWTOR has always catered to the lowest denominator.  Your can literally grind to max level while afk so long as your companion is set to aggressive....not that you'd need to do that, the XP you get from doing the "class" story quests can take you all the way to level 50 in about 6 hours.  SOUND FAMILIAR??

PvP is a joke, and not even a funny one.  And don't get me started on the space combat (both the on-rails arcade bullshit and the Star Conflict ripoff 3d pvp).

SWTOR's community actually makes LOTRO's community seem decent.  The game isn't really hurting for numbers....it's hurting for f*&^s to give.....

If you really REALLY have a Star Wars itch that needs scratching, I'd either mess about with the Star Wars Galaxies emulators (which still suck, but hey, $tar War$!!!), or the upcoming Clone Wars Adventures emulator (a quasi-MMO that was definitely designed for kids, but IIRC they plan to add deeper game mechanics and more content).

As for SWTOR....it's my hope that it goes offline soon, retooled as a total single player game and re-released as KOTOR 3, without all the MMO bullshit that never worked.

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