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[Dwarrowdelf] Massive Dynamics

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Massive Dynamics is currently recruiting active social players regardless of capabilities or background.

About Us:

We are an active social based kin, we strive to obtain a member ran kin, thats right member ran, kin leadership and officers use a subtle approach to mangemnt and try to offer as many oupourtunities for kin members to make a difference. we encourage members to give us new ideas and become an active part of our planning process. As a large kin we have the ability to offer many added perks to joining, including multiple levels from 65 down. we offer an extensive leveling bootcamp that is being formed currently and is seeking teachers and students.

Membership perks:

We offer a 50 man voice server

Max tier kin crafters

Low to no cost crafting

Kin/ server news rss feed

Kin forums

Kin tournemnts

We are part of The Dwarrowdelf Alliance

Alliance events

Level help

Level cap Compatable Kin*

Social fun enviornment

Open room for growth.

Application Process:

In order to join massive dynamics it is suggested that you follow this link http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?ForumID=1879401&PostCount=2&GuildID=391702&TabID=3307956 To view our kin rules.

Contact an officer in kin, Toad, Leokin, Pyerwolf, Fulksayyan, Xavrond, Tiffanfy, Nacthelion, Miraculous, Nerglor

once you join the kin you will begin a 2 week trial period where you will be given the chance to enjoy all of our membership benefets, without the obligation of commiting to becoming a kinsmen/woman. after teh 2 week period, you will be asked if you wish to stay as a full kinsmen, you may choose to stay or leave with no hard feelings and we encourage you to do what you feel is best. you will always retain the friendships you form in our kin inside or outside. If you chose to stay you will be asked to sign up at our kin forum site, which is a fast and easy process taking only a minut of your time, then after applying you will be promoted to full kinsmen.

Please feel free to do a filter search of our kin in teh social panel, and ask any of our members what they think of kin, and feel free to ask any of them any questions before contacting an officer to join.

All information on our current Endgame Raid progression can be found here as long as the thred is updated and maintained

We are a Rank 7 kin with Kinhouse, and Kin neighborhood

Happy hunting........

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