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the perpetual embarrassment that is Justin Trudeau

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and no, i am not referring to this:

but rather, the recent eyebrow incident... one could reasonably surmise that this couldn't possibly be real, but rather a footage fakery...  but no, it is actually real:

Canadian EyebrowGate!

it would be a real pity we have to actually wait all the way until October 21st 2019 to fix, what has every appearance of being a HUGE mistake!


for now, Canadians must placate our dissatisfaction with this consolation prize:

additionally such a pity, that at the national level, this guy is not leading the charge:



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Hey you Canadians better get your act together or we'll build the biggest wall you've ever seen to keep you in the frozen north!

It'll be so big it'll make the Game of Thrones wall look like a curb!

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