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Brothers account deleted?


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Okay so I migratd my account perfectly. just waiting for money in the bank so I can buy the sub before logging in again.

So I thought I'd take the time to do my brother's. Now when I made his account I screenshotted it all with username password, what I put in for DoB and etc.

But when I tried to migrate his account in step one, username and password didn't work.

So I tried forgotten password and it's coming up with " Could not find an account with the details you supplied "

... So I haven't a idea what's happening. I'm 100% the details are correct .. any advice? I've also sent turbine a mail but nothing back yet

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If you sre checking for Account details make sure you're not trying to access Turbine.

best bet is to go to and check there.

Okay I can log in with it on cogaccounts, but the migration page isn't recognising the username or password .... WTF?!

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Thorebane have you been checking the turbine support forum ? since i know i saw a poster about something with username and password error just a day ago i am not fully sure what the gm 's has responded on that thread but i thought it can be worth a look

hope it will help some :)

oh and have in mind the process is slow like my self and alot more it stil waiting to get our luggage

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