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Some ups and downs, but still would like a little help!

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7(8)7 Everything seems to have gone quiet smoothly, (say quietly pls) I have now completed all steps and I have also recd e-mail confirmation, 2 in fact, and one of them even shows how many points they will transfer over, impressive so far.

I have even checked my account details with Turbine and sure enough it says Codemasters Lifetime Member and even has VIP in the heading as well, so even more impressive, but:-

What it does not tell me is will I still get my 500 points a month which was due to start with Codemasters on the 7th June 2011, I joined lifetime on the 7th June 2010, and I believe you do not get 500 points per month until you have completed 1 year as a lifetime member?

If anyone can let me know if this is correct, that would be fantastic, overall I would say not a bad job so far, I am aware that there are many people still not completed there migration and I hope that is soon rectified for all of you. *O*

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You will get 500 points per month for the lifetime of the game as a lifetime member not just for 1 year. As for the points for June they will come once the transfer has been completed.

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