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So now...what about pings?

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We have our servers back again. We want to play before 2 days without that possibility. I connect to my old server and...voila!!! 160 ms ping, sometimes raising 190 and a wonderfull lag that freezes my character 2 seconds...

So I would like to know what ping do you have before and after the migration.

Before: X

After: 160

I hope this is only temporally, and after a few days it will be more stable... I hope so...


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Mine usually is between 100 and 120, with the occasional spike to 180. Compared to my EU pings of low twenties.

Having said that, the last time I really played on the Turbine servers, it was on an old, underpowered and overloaded server, producing higher pings. I'm sure some folk here remember.

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I understand what do you mean. But is not my case, the PC is 1 year old and a week ago the game was fliying in my screen smoothly. People says that is simply overload of migrations and they have to tweak a bit the servers. I don´t know if is true, but I want to believe is only that. If not we are fucked (sorry for the word but is the most suitable).


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When I briefly logged in earlier, it was @135+ms. That's more than 2.5 times my "normal" ping, and slower than my reaction speed often is. Not good. :N

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before - 129-140

now - 50

sorry but for me this is much better ;) though now some of my kinnies will understand some of my frustration with lags etc hehe

"lag? what lag?" "the lag.." "there was no lag" "was for me..."

had that conversation way too often.. trust me though, you get used to it. if it's around 130 or under you shouldn't be too bad and maybe not have any lag at all but when it hits 140-150 and higher start to expect some lags even if they are mini-lags

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Before: 50

After: 150

Lol, not used to the interface yet... Accidently sent a report.. Not yet awake either..

Logging in and switching chars is A LOT faster.

Not experienced ANY lag yet.


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Before 60ms

After 140 - 160ms

TBH I haven't noticed any real lag probs, and loading and zone transition times are def faster.

So far so good, and well done Turbine, after all my doubts they came through with a (fairly) painless transfer. d;)b

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Okay, let's get some stuff straight first :)

Most people I see here get around 100-130ms (milli seconds). Which means the time between you pushing a button and the gaming performing it has a delay of 0,13 second. For comparison: People usually have a response time of 0,4-0,6 seconds between noticing something and handling.

So what does this all mean?

When you see an NPC performing an induction based skill, you have for example 3 seconds to interupt. As said, the first 0,4-0,6second is lost by you processing the visual aspect and pushing your clobber/addle whatever. The latency (delay) is added: 0,13. You quickly see that yes, roughly a delay of 0,1 second is added since the migration, on critical stuff a steady latency is of no problem.

As an example:

a First-person shooter like Call of Duty the latency between 50 and 150 milliseconds is noticeable because every tenth of a second counts as it will determine whether you shot someone in the head or missed it by a hair. In LOTRO that difference only account for CJ's and interupt skills which has a window of 2-5 seconds.

Now lagg.

Lagg is basically when your connection is not stable, hence the latency is going up and down. Especially when packages are being lost and the latency has a range of 100-300 milliseconds than you really start to notice it. Laggs over 2 seconds means you are either passing really overcrowded nodes (through which the information has to flow) or your own computer have trouble processing all the information/graphics.

Yesterday I played on the RP server of the US (didn't know the EU servers were online) and as I had a stable latency of 120 at all times and no losses (while Codies servers had 20ms AND a 0,1% loss) I really couldn't see any difference at all. Yes, with more people on the same spot (21st hall, raids, PVMP) the amount of information that needs to be transfered increases and thus the change of losses / latency variety also increases. Today will tell more about that :)

In short: I am surprised about the quality of the servers thus far.

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For most people, anything below 150ms shouldn't affect you, since average reaction time is around the 175ms mark (usually slower for older people). Interestingly, average reaction time to auditory stimuli is around 30ms quicker than to visual cues. The problems will come with the natural variation in ping time if you're in the borderline area, as Byron is. And since ping times / fps is often worse in raiding or heavily populated areas, this could get annoying...

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Latency before ~70-80 ms

Latency now ~140-150 ms

So now, whenever an enemy starts doing an induction, and i do an attempt to interrupt it, it takes 0,82 seconds in an optimal situation to see if i did interrupt it. As opposed to 0,61 seconds that was before. (0,14 s to see induction being started + 0,4 s reaction time + 0,14 s for click to get to server + 0,14 s to see click being performed).

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