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What other games are you playing?

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I'm currently playing through Dragon Age 2 (good game but not as good as the first) and I have long running Football Manager 2011 career going. I'm also enjoying some Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

I also have a Rift sub running but I'm starting to get bored of it already so not sure how much longer I will carry on with that.

So what other games are you enjoying at the moment apart from LOTRO?

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Just cancelled my Rift sub, got bored once I reach level 50 as there is not much to do, also the level process was to quick. It took me about 3 times longer to get to level 50 with my first character in LOTRO then it did in Rift.

I have been playing Final Fantasy 4 the complete collection on my PSP. I am thinking about having another go at Sins of a Solar Empire

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I've not played Sins for a while

Used to have fun making my own galaxies and stuff

Even made one using the Map from Freelancer, now that was a lot of galaxies, planets and wormholes

When Im not playing Lotro, I tend to have a run on my old favourite AvP (Aliens versus Predator)

Got the new version, gameplay is great, visuals are stunning. Just wish they hadn't messed with the controls

Only downside I found so far, is playing as Predator.... every attack you make brings you out of stealth

Which is wrong. Original game you could Run > Shoulder Cannon target > Run without breaking. Only attacks with Speargun would break stealth

Or if your power ran out

Also try Battle For Middle Earth: Conquest (and i do mean TRY)

Now I got my new system running smooth I can have a bash at games that wouldn't run before

(Conquest , AvP, Dark Prophecy) But downside is.... Most of my old games wont run on the new system

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Playing Dragon Age 2 in small doses, and The Witcher 2 when I'm in the mood.

Sins is a good idea, not played for a while. Civilisation 5 and Mount & Blade Warband get a work out occasionally too.

I don't play any game other than LOTRO regularly but I still have over 50 games installed, some going back years (I still play Civnet and Settlers 2 for pure gameplay).

And I jump into GW now and then to work on titles for when GW2 come along.

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Currently looking for something interesting. Tried Rifts and might go back to it later. Might give Dragon age 2 another try. Keep looking back at EVE, but know where that would lead and I still like what little remains of my life.

The one thing that looks a possibility is modding Oblivion to the hilt and trying another runthrough with all the unofficial bells and whistles.

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Lately Rift, playing with a friend so it's fun. And it's still new to me, but easy to get used to since I've played a lot of other major MMOs and Rift borrowed a lot from those. Well, maybe more like outright stole a lot of features from those. :D

Sometimes Nehrim, a full mod for Oblivion. Nice storyline.

Sometimes some small games, like Gobliiins and such. Puzzles.

Very sometimes Minecraft, but it gets a bit boring being a pure sandbox.

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Just cancelled my Rift sub, got bored once I reach level 50 as there is not much to do, also the level process was to quick. It took me about 3 times longer to get to level 50 with my first character in LOTRO then it did in Rift.

Thats the big problem with Rift at the moment I think, its got some very good ideas but there just isn't enough content at the moment. Its a shame, it has a lot of potential but I think they should perhaps have developed some more content before they released.

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I'm playing Fable 3(Worse than Fable/Fable TLC, much better than 2), Darkspore and random FPS games, like TF2, CS:S and Halo.

I also installed Guild Wars again. Had a 4-year break from that..And now I have no idea of anything at all, just spamming skills with my ranger and hiring xx/Monk henchmen :P

On my desktop I have a list of what I've planned to play while on summer break:

Fable TLC, Dragon Age 2, The Witcher 1 & 2, Mass Effect 1 & 2, and maybe KOTOR 1 & 2. That equals maybe..10 days of playing? And of course LotRO takes at least that much time too :P

I recommend trying Darkspore, at least if you can get a friend to play with you. It's a hack n slash-type of game with some gear grinding and stuff.

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Call Of Duty: BlackOps

Battlefield 2142 and 2 (Old I know) Both great online games :)

Sims 3

Red Alert 3

Doom 3 (I replay it once every year in homage to id' amazing work)

I was playing Dragon Age: Origins, which is quite good but..after all the times you need to replay in order to 100% it :/


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Just finished testing Super Hero Squad Online and Forsaken World.

Just bought Terraria and enjoying it.

Online games I play now and then are...

• LEGO Universe (other than LOTRO, I play this the most)

• Pirates of the Caribbean Online

• Onverse

• Guild Wars

• Free Realms

• Mabinogi

• InnRevival (mostly Yserbius)

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I've gotten back into Medieval 2: Total War recently (BattleAxe mod), and lots and lots of Angry Birds on iPod touch.

Considering subbing to Rift over summer (I played the beta but didn't subscribe immediately because I can't afford to run 2 subscriptions, but since I cancelled my Lotro VIP I'm open to going back to Telara)

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@TheJr Macc Lads FTW! Have some fond memories of the moss rose ground while on my years work experience @ uni. What made you pick Macclesfield?

Dragging things back firmly on-topic..... I've been revisiting Baldurs gate 2 and Planescape while all the transatlantic shennanigans have been going on. Sad as it may seem, but I got my first PC just to play the original BG (having been an amiga-oholic up until then)

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Currently installed and playing: Champions Online and City of Heroes (both games I get bored with after one or two months, but still return to once in a while - odd, that). Still have a Rift sub as well, but that's nearly run out. I don't intend to resub for the time being. I haven't even maxed out a character yet, but I feel the same about it as some of the others who posted before me: it's just not too rich in content yet. I'm also dabbling in APB, purely for the customisation (I'm not a big shooter fan, yet). I jump into Guild Wars as well, whenever the mood hits me. Still have some ways to go to max out my HoM.

Anxiously awaiting The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2.

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Duke Nukem 3D and then maybe getting that newest one. Master of Magic a few rounds at a time. On Steam I got waiting: Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas. Morrowind and Oblivion. Mass Effect 2. Dungeons & Dragons Online, Guild Wars (Prophesies, Factions + Nightfall) and Runes of Magic when I really, really can't find energy to play Lotro. Oh and Witcher (1) is waiting also. Bad Company 2 in MP (not quite maxed all classes yet but close to).

Out of those listed above, only Lotro gets any serious playtime logged. Others are for casual fun-ness.

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