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Russian server names

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Just was wondering who choose the Russian server names? Thought it was odd they are named after areas in Middle Earth? (Fornost and Mirkwood)


But....., all the US and EU servers are named after places in Middle earth too?????? :?

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The EU ones aren't though are they?


Ermm.. yes... most are Middle Earth rivers in EU .... Snowbourn = a river in Rohan, Gilrain & Withywindle also rivers, Laurelin was one of the 2 Trees of the Valar.. etc

If you look obn the Official Forums, the server forum names include an explanation of the name

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chinese server names:


杜林之门-Durin's Gate

安都瑞尔-Anduril <-Weapon

清晨之门-Land of the Sun

跃马客栈-Prancing Pony

灰袍巫师-Grey Wizard <- Person

黑暗土地-Dark Land

埃雷德鲁因-Ered Luin

金色萝林-Golden Lorien

卡扎德杜姆-Kazad Dum

Can someone tell me the names of the ex-Japan and ex-Korean servers?

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