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Splash Screen Problems


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I hope someone can come up with ideas for a fix for this as it's driving me mad >:(

Since the migration, the client has be redownloading random splash screens everytime I start the client and it can take half an hour to download one. I know my connection isn't the best as VM on national is dire (no cable network in the 'new build' housing round my way).

Sometimes it's just one, sometimes two or three that it thinks need downloaded. I've tried making copies and putting them back in after seeing which one its downloading then restarting. Unfortunately this doesn't help. Also tried making them read only. Also not working.

When I get into the game once the downloads are done it plays fine. It's just the huge wait to get in I could do without. Looking on the bright side, I'll only have the waiting problem for a couple of weeks as we are moving to an area with cable again soon :*)

I've had a browse of the turbine forums and when someone else posted this complaint all the comments were about how crap their connection was and not suggested fixes. 'It's only a few files you download each time , stop whining' (or words to that effect)

Any ideas/thoughts?

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It's not actually re-downloading existing Splash Screens

Turbine tend to put out a new Splash Screen at every chance they can get

At codies we used to get a new SS for something important eg new update coming,

At Turbine they put a new SS up for anything. But 99% of the time it's for a Store Plug

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