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sind die noch ganz dicht???

/edit says: use the correct language ...

sorry, lost it here, seeing the ... um ... price with which they tagged it. seems to me, they lost it.

three regions, fifty bucks ... yeah right ... 7(8)7

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So which edition will it be? *ponders*

As subscriber and owner of the expansions it seems the Legendary edition is a rather bad deal. One would only miss out on two of three colours and mounts. It's still rather tempting, in a completionist kinda way. The Base version is cheap, although the 1k Turbine points already make up for the extra costs of the Heroic version.

Evil choices to be made!

I think I'm tending to the Heroic Edition. But only for one of my accounts.

/edit: oh, I just noticed the price differences. Nice increase, even after adding 20% VAT. I guess Turbine charges us for the currency exchange, too. }:|

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