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Hauberk of the Mithril Guard

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Various magazines gave codes for this away going back to 2008. I think Eurogamer gave away 5000 codes and then another 5000 later on. Was to celebrate the Moria release.

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Yup, I didn't claim it was new. ;) Just that this link I used was for N-A users only. I have no clue if the Euro servers also knew of those deals for themselves, but apparently you guys do. Well, this link is still valid, so any new users can go use this now.

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Now that you guys have moved over to US servers, the following link might be useful now: Hauberk of the Mithril Guard

Let me know if that worked out for you? I don't know if the EU servers had their equivalent of this one.

Hello Trin,

I claimed it yesterday from the page mentioned by you. It still works :)

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That offer makes it's reappearance on the Turbine forums about every 3-6 months.

Most recently here: http://forums.lotro....e-Mithril-Guard

I doubt there is a limit, just seems to be an on-going offer since it hasn't been taken down. It's a pretty nice looking

hauberk too. I've grabbed many codes from that offer. All my accounts, my friend's accounts, hell, I've even given

some codes away ingame to people who commented on my character that was wearing the hauberk.Nice thing

about it is that if it gets in your way, delete it and you can use "/reclaim all" on it.

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