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[Withywindle] Children of Hurin

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Children of Hurin is a newly founded kin with the aim of creating a small, tight-knit community. We're not focused on end-game content (as of yet no members are high enough either =P) but rather the social aspect of the game. Of course that doesn't mean we won't DO end-game content, but right now our highest levels are in their 50s ;) We're willing to help other members out with quests etc. We can offer Supreme crafting services in Cooking and Woodworking.

We're recruiting any class, any level. All we ask of our members is that they are considerate of other players =) If this kin sounds like a good one for you, then send a tell to Isolde, Roebartha, Inore, Lunathien, Rinn or Bramley in-game.

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