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[Laurelin] Salvation

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We are a Rank 8 Kinship on the LotRO server Laurelin. We are a Casual, Social kinship, and are currently recruiting mature like minded players. We will try to progress through end game content, but it will be at our own pace. So if you wanna blitz end game, then you will need to look elsewhere. Otherwise, give us a shout.

We aren't a large kin but we are a friendly bunch, always up for a laugh and are looking for folk who like all flavours of the game, a little RP here, an instance there, whatever takes your fancy really ;)

It is, above all else, quality over quantity. :)

We have just welcomed 6 new players into the kin but are always looking for more so if we sound like the Kin for you just click on the link below or send me a PM.

Or if you fancy talking to me in game you can send me a PM on Crube or Laurajane or you can chat to Basyl our recruitment officer.

Check out our kin site here http://salvationkin.tk/

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