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Mylotro wont take my 30 Days Game pass


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just ordered a 30 days game pass from the official Lotro site via PaybyCash. I received the Email and the Code but:

no single window accepts the key. Tried everyone. After recognising which window (the add game card window^^) is right for the key, even this window cant fetch it. its just says. Game Pass bla bla was unable to be fetched.

ingame many people discuss this problem. Often its said its because a F2P player isnt able to upgrade to ViP so far. for VIP who just want to get a refreshed VIP status it might work.

The lovely Lotro support Site already received 2 of my ticket but did not answer. Any Help?.

I feel angry about Turbine right now. Giving them Money for a Key which seems to be invalid or "unable to be fetched" from their OWN system? cant believe it.

Greetings from Germany, Azuva

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grade erst gesehen, dass dies hier ein Deutsches Forum ist :).

Dann nochmal mein Problem auf Deutsch:

Habe vor einigen tagen von der offiziellen Seite von Turbine einen 30 Tage Game pass gekauft.

Leider will das entsprechende Fenster wo ich eben diesen Key den ich per mail bekommen habe rein tun soll, den Key nicht annehmen und erzählt was alá : "Game Pass cannot be fetched"

Hat wer eine Ahnung woran es liegen kann das ein Key, den ich von Turbine gekauft habe, bei Turbine nicht einlösbar ist?

finde das denkbar unverschämt.

Hat wer irgendwelche Infos oder dasselbe Problem?

bitte um Hilfe,


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I can't help you atm, but just throwing in one quick note:

You say you have made two tickets already. In both cases you should receive an e-mail from Turbine's support stating your problem and autofilling it with a plausible solution/answer to the issue. However, and here is the kicker, unless you reply to that e-mail they think the issue has been resolved.

So my real question is:

After making those two tickets, did you -in both cases- receive an e-mail and actually reply to it as well?

If not, there is your problem why they haven't responded.

Hope all is sorted soon.

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I highly doubt they are ignoring this they are working under heavy pressure at this point

Alot of us have not been able to play since the migration started and turbine have been working alot to get us "online"

Hopefully today's fix will get the rest of us *O*

Do not send multi tickets since it just slows down the rest of us

whenever you write a ticket automaticly you should recieve a mail saying something like this - answer to this mail or we'll think you got your problem sorted-

check the trash mail

Have in mind about the time diffrence and check out when the account support team is working

I have my doubts the office is open due the weekend :)

Have you been considering to phone them ? some have been using skype since it has been the cheapest way

It is just a thought

I have no doubt they will help you d;)b

Just give them some time since alot is going on at this point


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