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  1. 1. How are you spending time this summer?

    • Hammock and a good book.
    • Lotro of course.
    • Work.. (sad panda)
    • Music (or folk dance) festivals!
    • Other.

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I can't help but notice how slow the post rate has gone. With only a week long holiday, I forgot all about... holidays! So, how are you spending summer? I'm working... in a non-air conditioned office... and carrying heavy boxes full of electronics... and fixing our car...

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{Obadiah} September? You were lucky to 'ave Spetember! I 'ad to take my 2 weeks 'oliday between the 12th & 13th January, and pay mill owner for right to 'ave 'oliday! Ad lib etecetera...{/Obadiah}

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Work work work work work .. weekend .. work work work work work

WEEKEND!?.. you luck lucky lucky bas***d

I work weekends too... :N

last day off was...

*checks diary*...

April 9th. :'(

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Work, work, work... oops, no weekend, work, work, work... oh home early and a weekend, ....

Don't mind, too much. Thinking of visiting LotrO buddies after the holiday season. Denmark, maybe? There's beergardens and lakes here to relax after work. And, as I don't have to worry about school holidays, vacation can go down to half price. With the weather still fair. :)

September maybe.

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To all the sad pandas that have to work, be thankful you have a job :Y

Indeed! Did manage a weekend of swimming, sauna, swatting about a million mosquitos by a seaside resort. Which was nice.. but now work feels even worse. Especially with the annual jazz festival in town. Darn tourists and their holidays...

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