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I am currently trying to broaden the scope of material covered in “Contains Moderate Peril”. So am looking for contributors to either write for the blog or participate in the podcast. At present we're specifically looking for gaming related posts, focusing on popular games such as WoW, Rift, SWTOR etc (the usual suspects). Or alternatively, broader articles focusing on general musings on gaming, the people and the culture. I like to keep the remit for the site quite open.

If you have an interest in submitting some material, please let me know. Send a sample of your work and I'll look it over and see if it's suitable. If you need clarification of what is appropriate, then best to check out the site to see how things are currently done. If the material is okay, then I'll let you know ASAP. There is no obligation or deadline or schedule. The ball would be very much in your court.

At present “Contains Moderate Peril” is not a money making concern, although that may change in the future. There are plans to pro-actively market the site. I therefore cannot pay for submissions. However, what the site can offer any potential writer is full credit and a growing audience. Traffic has been at 10,000 visitors for the last 3 months. The aim is to take that to 25,000 by the end of the year. There is therefore scope for contributors to raise their profile on the internet.

After the recent migration, redesign and relaunch, I have a lot to do. As well as posting at least one article each day, I have to trawl through the previous 400 plus posts and alter formatting and correct the various typos that have unfortunately slipped through. New contributors would therefore not only add variety, but free up some time for me to attend to this housekeeping.

Thanks for your time. I know there are talented people out there so if you want to find an outlet for your creative talents, then let me know. Contact details are on the site. The site details are in my signature at the bottom of this post.

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Help out one of the best LotRO blogs out there folks :)

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