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[Laurelin] Beorningas

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Beorningas started life as a raiding alliance known as RaidsRUs. We've recently chosen to change that to something more in keeping with the RP server we are on. We are an eclectic group. It's a bit like penguins. Or sheep. Or gravity. The huddle works according to fluid dynamics (sort of). You start off on the outside, find yourself randomly gravitating towards the inside, and so it goes around... But everyone keeps mostly warm, and only occasionally does an individual get thrown off into the outer dark.

Originally formed in the Dim and Distant Past (when The Rift was fresh & new & bloody hard!) we remain, theoretically, a raiding alliance, but raiding is not all that we do. It's not even compulsory. No more so is a requirement to be online at certain times, days, or for a certain number of hours. Although we have ways of rewarding players who dedicate time & effort to raids & instances, we absolutely, flatly, do NOT run a DKP system, and casual non-raiding players are as welcome as anyone. We do not have any expectations of you, beyond abiding by our Code of Conduct, nor do we limit numbers or classes - the more the merrier (we've run simultaneous raids in the past)! :Y Attitude is far more important than level, class, equipment, or playing skill. Poor players can improve; equipment can be acquired; the Leaders are notorious for their willingness to attack content with weird groups; your level will rise. But bad attitude is just bad attitude.

Essentially, Beorningas is a super-Kinship. Raiding is still a regular feature, but we also encompass all of the activities you would expect of a decent sized kin. About the only activity you won't find us much involved in, in any organised form, is MvP, although we do have a small and occasionally active Creep Tribe, and you may find individual members Freepside. Other than that, we offer all of the things you'd expect from a large kinship - a forum, in-game channel, TeamSpeak server, raids & instances (organized & ad-hoc), guides, crafters, etc - without requiring you in the least to leave your nice cosy little kinship to join.

The one thing that probably sets us apart from many other alliances & kinships is that we have an absolute unbreakable rule - we figure out new content for ourselves. We do not have anyone on the test server trying to crack new content before it's even been released so that our e-peen can get a head start on everyone else's. We never resort to guides (we write our own!) or googling to work out how to get past a particularly tricky sticking point. If what you want is lots of phat loot phast {winces}, we will not suit. But if you play the game for the sake of the game, you might like our way of doing things. If the Alliance could take the Bartle test, we'd probably come out of it ESAK or SEAK. Achievement is nice. But it's the journey that matters, not the destination.

So drop in to Beorningas to sign up & join in if you are so minded. You are in no way required to change your Kinship (or Tribe) in order to play with us. However we do ask you to fill in a form to give us some basic information about yourself, how you found us, etc. Be warned, we are not an equal opportunities group. We absolutely reserve the right to discriminate against you if you are stupid, incompetent, unfriendly, don't follow instructions, a greedbag who's joining for their own profit rather than to enjoy all the benefits of being a part of a successful alliance, or any combination of the foregoing! We only demand that you be friendly, prepared to listen, prepared to adjust to our little quirks, rather than the other way around. Above all, we hope you have fun with us! :Y That's what the game is here for after all...

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