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(Laurelin) The Nordic Protectors

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The Nordic Protectors has been active since 2008 (well late 2007) and we´re online most days of the week. Our members are from all the Nordic countries, but it started up with Swedes. We are looking for fellow Swedes, Norwegians, Finns and Danes to join up!

We are a smallish - Nordic based - kinship on the Laurelin server and our focus is exploring the fun in Middle Earth! We are a friendly and casual kinship and we enjoy good company in Middle Earth, but that being said, we do not take our quests or deeds lightly and we do like instances and such. We want to have a good time playing and a laugh or two along the road makes a happy kinship!

We aim to help each other with questions, crafting and quests and strive to learn as we all go along our different paths. We have mature players of all ages (we do however get pretty silly sometimes but that stays within the kin…), both experienced and beginners in all levels, races and classes and we want our members to feel they can ask for help at any time.

We have a lovely kinship house, our own Teamspeak 3 server and an understanding attitude.

The Nordic Protectors have an alliance with The Great Adventurers and we share a chatchannel in-game.

Visit our website www.protectors.se or get in touch in-game with one of our Officers:

Mjalin – mighty dwarf leader (Laegrim, Larsin, Laemon, Mjagadir, Warrok)

Elisawen – successor and also known as the kin´s elf-GPS (Elikat, Iria, Elisariel, Bellariel)

Calixtus – the Viking of the lot (Axios)

Darnior – Big D (says he anyway ) (Tyrgli)

Happy hunting!

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