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Rise of Isengard: Burglar Developer Diary

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As a burg main, I really don't see why the need to change riddle, not only is it ridicluous to expect a spider to be confused by one, it's also really rather OP when combined with the 5 piece bonus from OD. I was happy with it just mezzing humanoids and drakes.


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I can't help but think that in the minds of the Devs, burglars are the least played class. Or underpowered (in PvE). These changes seem so OP that they're bound to be nerfed. Giveth and taketh away, enter more angry cries from the players.

There was a time when I did wish for more umph to my burglar, but these changes go over the top.

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Actually, given the spiders in The Hobbit, I can understand Riddle being extended to them, even thought there are those who regard TH as non-canon. But, on the whole, yes, several steps too far...

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