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[Laurelin] Nimminas

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Kinship Type: Mixed

Level Range: Anything

Average Level: Mostly at the cap, with some activity lower than that

Leader: Angrenel / Raedwulf (same person)


Rhyaewald / Rhyaehar

Tarinas / Derigar




... and just about anyone else in Nimminas, since anyone who I trust to invite people likely to fit in with the rest of us gets Officer status. Those mentioned above are just around most.


IC: The Captain of the Company is one Angrenel, styling himself Lord of Fire, or Aranar in an Elven tongue. If questioned, he may allude to a past in distant lands far to the West, now submerged beneath the ocean’s waves. He will freely admit to having paid little attention to events in the world over many centuries, but rather having spent his time in study & contemplation, as many Elves are wont to do.

Latterly, though, so many fair things having perished or passed from this world, he has roused himself to action! Applying his knowledge in ways that he ne’er before had contemplated, he sets himself against the devices of The Enemy. Along the way other like-minded brethren have joined him, eager to carry the fight to the Dark One’s very strongholds! Abarax, a brave & steadfast exile of Gondor, has been a comrade from the earliest days. Others, alas, have fallen by the wayside, but staunch comrades new have filled their places. Khorugrudalad, an Edain named in the old tongue; Tarinas, a Minstrel without peer; Rhyaewald, a Warden with a carrying voice; Silirien the Fair; Andahlia, a nimble Hobbit; Tiermond, Haleabor, Aikanaron, Aseeth, Redgriffin; Elves & Men, all valiant & proud; stand amongst our number. There's even a dwarf or two, though they tend to grumble a lot...

Named in memory of a place the Captain once knew (or so he claims); long since stormed & sacked by the Enemy, now covered & cleansed by Ulmo’s healing waters; Nimminas is slowly built in thought & deed, if not in stone & mortar. A motley band of do-e’er-so-well’s, small in number but great in valour, we are The Company of the White Tower!

In the Service of the West!


OOC: I've recovered this from the soon-to-be-doomed CM forums, more because I don't want to have to write it again, than because we ever actively recruit. We've never had a passion for grabbing every random passing kinless toon. We recruit people we've spent time with, those we we think will fit in with the way we are. Accordingly, if you should be interested in us, you can expect to be a friend before you're invited, if you see what I mean. ;)

We currently number around 20 regular players, plus a few more casual, most of whom have multiple alts in the kin. We can lay our hands on alts of all classes & a variety of levels, though, having been around since day one of Open Beta, these days we do lack in the low levels. Although it's not a rule as such, you'll likely find that most are reluctant to help you power-level. We pride ourselves on knowing how to play our classes well, & that's a skill not learnt by being rushed through content.

We think of ourselves as mature, friendly, & up for anything – RP, Raids big & small, or just "Help! I need a hand!" We have our own forum, our own TeamSpeak server, we are a major part of a sizeable raid alliance. There's even a small (and mostly inactive) Creep tribe under the raid alliance banner. And that's the one thing in which we may disappoint - we're not very active in MvP on either side of the fence. Should you want to learn more, or if you would like to join our Company, please contact us in-game or via our recruitment forum.

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As good an excuse as I'm likely to get to legally bump this... Nimminas are a core part of a Laurelin Raid Alliance (that will be advertised here soon, if MueR ever pulls his finger out of his arse...). We & the alliance have only intermittently been raiding OD since it came out, and only at T1. On the other hand, the unbreakable alliance rule is that we work things out for ourselves; we do not look for guides or walkthroughs, we do not have anyone on the test server figuring out strategies ahead of release; it's just us against the game... ;)

Last week we took down Ivar for the first time on only our second meeting with the scrawny git. Yes, that's slow in calendar terms, yes it was only T1. Nevertheless, I was rather proud of the way my raid handled itself. If you'd like to know more about the kin or the alliance, either visit the kin recruitment page, the alliance, or drop me a PM.



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