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Awesome Screenshots Thread


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I've seen that screenshot before somewhere. I think it was on a similar thread, probably on the codies forums. Pretty sure it was on a name the location thread.

Yeah, thought so. :Y

This was a fun thread from a couple of years ago. Here it is on the lotro archives. Sometimes I just have to know I was right . |:(

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I took about 51 screenies at the goodbye events on Snowy last night.

they are all in my LOTRO set on flickr


Not had time to give them all names yet! I'll go through and do that at lunchtime.

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I didn't know either about the slideshow - I just posted the link to the relevant set and up it came - maybe it's a new thing? Bit of a pain in the bum in one sense though as it shows you all the screenies in the set (and there are a lot) rather than just the ones from last night.

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