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Looking for moderator(s)


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Hey folks,

I'm looking for one or two moderators for the English section of the board. At the moment, I'm the only active admin/mod on this part of the forum. While that isn't much of a problem (you're all behaving yourself quite well), I wouldn't mind a few extra eyes.

I believe I've posted my views of what makes a good moderator a few times now in various threads. I'll repeat it here briefly. For all not interested in the job, you can assume this is the instruction any moderator should follow.

- Be honest. If you use your moderating abilities, communicate what and why you've done something.

- Be fair. Do not judge on someone based on personal experiences or opinion about this person. If you feel you can't set aside those feelings, do hand the case over to someone else.

- Act responsible. If you do something, prepare to answer for it. If, for example, you ban someone, you'd best have something to justify that ban.

If anyone is interested, please let me know via PM. Please add any relevant moderating experience and a short motivation.

Looking forward to hearing from you :)

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