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He's got a point, though, even if he's mistakenly treating both with the same lens. Tolkien's work is often very morally simplistic and more light than dark, and it's those moments where things are more murky that really stand out (at least to me). Boromir was more interesting than Aragorn because he was flawed. Gollum was more interesting than Sam because there was an inner turmoil. The idea of the Ring bringing out the worst in a person is brilliant. The Mirkwood elves in the Hobbit being darker than the airy fairy Lothlorien elves in LotR. Smaug not just being a violent, evil monster but a cunning, even polite villain. In the Silmarillion, all those tragic tales were what made it so good.

Tolkien's work was intentionally inspired by legends, and the good guys winning and then everything being fine at the end all summed up was pretty weak for a story (and a lot of the LotR was bad from a mere story perspective) but completely understandable for a piece of myth.

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32 minutes ago, Talisman said:

Toklien might have gotten it wrong, but at least he finished his work, instead of letting TV writers finish it for him.

Yeah, Martin made the mistake of thinking he was cleverer than he is. He tried to set up twists and plots that he thought would be good, but because he was so slow at writing he gave his fans too much time to mull it over. I'm fairly certain now that he's been outclassed by half the fan theories that have come up, or they've been accurately guessed so he's trying to change it last minute to not get caught out. He painted himself into a corner and doesn't know now how to tie it all up without showing he was very, very lucky in his success with his first couple of books. It was pretty clear he messed up with timing of his plots too, since it should've all really ended after the War of the Five Kings.

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