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One bridge too far? Instance loot U23 - 'this is pathological'

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Two posts from this thread:


to sum it up:

Doing instances once a day for guaranteed good rewards like we had in Mordor now seems like a pleasant thing of the past, with this horrible new system they've cooked up. Here's what currently happens on Live:

For clearing a T1 instance, on opening the chests:

  • Final boss:
    • If player has a Favoured pull left, they get [100 Embers of Enchantment], some ILI consumables and a chance for a purple gear piece.
    • If the player has no Favoured pulls left, they get 0 Embers of Enchantment and a (low) chance for other items.
    • Regardless of Favoured or non-Favoured, every chest will award some [Coin of Grárik] to every player.
  • Other bosses:
    • Every player, regardless of Favoured pull or not, will receive Coins of Grárik.
    • Supposedly, Favoured pulls have better odds of dropping actual gear, but that's not really happening. Even on favoured drop rates, gear drop rates are absolutely horrendous.
    • There are no ILI consumables or Embers in any of these chests. Only the final boss chest awards Embers and ILI consumables.

For clearing a T2 instance, things look pretty much the same except you get 150 Embers from final boss chests instead of 100.

T2 Favoured openings are limited to two per week per chest. T1 Favoured openings are limited to five per week per chest. After that you get another 20 chest openings with lower drop rates for the rest of the week. This information can be viewed per character by using the /raid locks command.

None of the drops are disenchantable. Not from t1, not from t2, not from favoured and not from non-favoured pulls. Nothing.

So... Do all your weekly favoured pulls, you end up with 500 (5x t1 thrumfall) + 500 (5x t1 glimmerdeep) + 500 (5x t1 thikil-gundu) + 300 (2x t2 thrumfall) + 300 (2x t2 glimmerdeep) + 300 (2x t2 thikil-gundu) = 2,400 Embers. For 21 full instance runs.

A single piece of teal gear on the vendor costs 3,500 Embers.
A purple piece costs 2,000 Embers. A single lootbox drops between 250 and 1,000 Embers + a piece of disenchantable gear (usually a purple worth 200 Embers) -- so at least 3 t2 instance runs' worth, even if you get unlucky. Crafted gear requires ridiculous amounts of materials, as well as multiple very rare Dwarrowgleam Shards. It's kind of obvious what the devs' preferred path towards gearing your characters is. Then again, that's hardly a surprise.


Response to this post:

Jesus, this is fubar. I'm glad I haven't gotten to the instances yet.

The entire delayed barter system for the loot was to encourage people to run the content. Instead, they're punishing people for it. This is pathological.


My thought: SSG is digging an increasingly deeper hole. Instead of salvaging when it still had some resemblance of the game we knew, we are now left with an empty shell, in which everything you do is punished.

You want quality upgrades? We will give you 7 Bullroarer rounds, because we don't have any testers left, and then we release a completely unfinished and messed up 'expansion' to you.

You want VIP to have value? We don't, we want you to spend a lot more money because the game doesn't supply gear anymore.

You want value for the 1995 LP you just spent? Too bad, you either become a hamster or you give us more money.

You want to collect tokens or ashes or motes? Capped.

You want to trade festival cosmetics? They are untradeable after you take them out of the box.

You want to gear up? You can't craft it, you can't get it from questing, you can't get it from instances, you can't buy it in the AH.

You want to collect keys in game for lootboxes? You no longer can, they will only come from the store.

You like to quest and you paid for the quests? You will need xp axcelerators all the way through and it will not be enough to get to max level.

You want to enjoy your instances? You can't. You get punished for playing the game, for wanting gear, for wanting to help your kin, your friends, for wanting to have fun.


There are some new rules:

1. You will play the content.

2. You will not be rewarded for 1., but will buy your rewards in the store.

3. You shall not enjoy what you are doing - you will not receive anything 'good' from playing the game. You will only be satisfied when you show SSG the money: for keys, for a chance at something, from a box.

4. It's ok if you don't want to play the content, you can buy everything you want, in the store.


Someone called it a 'loo-box'. I'll call it Lord of the Loo-box - Edition: one shit too far.


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