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On the new Middle-earth MMO and Lotro

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I wonder what the whales and Standing Stool Games fanbois will do if the other Middle-earth MMO turns out to be a fun, well polished and supported game. Lotro has benefited from being literally the only game in town when it comes to Middle-earth-themed MMOs. The devs can do practically anything without repercussions, whereas competition can breed excellence. 

It amazes me that no one until very recently had the thought of investing in a new Middle-earth MMO. All it would take is one glance at Lotro to conclude that, if people are still supporting this dumpster fire of a game, there is money to be made.

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If the quality of Warframe is any indication it could very well be a great game.  The parent company of Digital Extremes seems to allow the devs to kind of do their own thing.  Athlon games is not DE, but if they are allowed to make the kind of game they want to play without an iron grip from bean counters it could be very good.  We'll see I suppose.  It could end up being vaporware as well.  I know one thing, the market couldn't support two LotR MMOs.  

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