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Is it me or has anyone noticed....

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Was that a forum ban or all game ban?

Don't know and don't care. I haven't logged into the game in over five months and I never intend to again. However, I see no reason why they would ban my account in game for the post I made.

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I just wanted to post the links to the PAX East address (audio / video) for anyone who may want to listen / watch. Providing you have the intestinal fortitude for it.

You can download the MP3 from this link. This is the most complete coverage of the parts of the address concerning LotR:O. It's a bit hard to hear in places, but the message comes through pretty clearly.

And this link goes to the Casual Stroll to Mordor page that has both the audio and video links. The video is good but it's not as complete as the audio coverage.

And my thanks to the folks at CSTM for both the audio and video coverage.

Regarding bribing pro-Turbine players with Turbine Points. It was Mr. Piaz who suggested it as a legitimate use of Turbine Points (in the above linked address). Whether the practice has been put in place is anyone's guess. There is no smoking gun, and won't be - unless a fanatic wants to rat them out. I tend to agree with The MMO Troll in that it seems unlikely but it wouldn't surprise me either. However, it's the only way I can explain the rabid defense of all things Turbine by some of the posters on the Official Forums.

But wouldn't that in effect make them shills paid for by Turbine, since TP has value that they agreed to the IRS with, and their defense of obvious wrongs committed by Turbine or attempts to push an idea from them something that is an illegal use of a shill?(If they aren't just using alternate forum accounts themselves to make it LOOK like customer posts)

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