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Doomsaying - When does math say the LotRO Population will hit zero?

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3 hours ago, Almagnus1 said:

I have a feeling WoW returning to form (via Classic) is going to hurt the smaller MMOs because WoW:Vanilla was a tour de force of MMO design.  There's a very good reason why I played for a bit, then promptly uninstalled the game - as I'm not going to repeat the past... at least not until I have a week off and can no-life it so WoW doesn't negatively impact life.

SSG really screwed the pooch with their "legendary" server.  They had an opportunity to bring back a lot of people that were unhappy after trait trees, but alas, they couldn't find their assholes with a map.  Shoving a imposed level cap on the live game was stupid, and I think the numbers reflect that.  I would have resubscribed if they had gone back to pre trait trees, removed the store, and then had a progression server.  

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