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Reclaim Moria Bundle

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It includes an account-wide Goat of the Moria Sentinel steed and a single account-bound package for one character, with all individual contents account-bound, containing:

  • Sentinel-in-training Pet Goat
  • Gandalf /Emote
  • Moria Welcome Mat for your house
  • Hollin Gate wall engraving for your house
  • Hollin Gate permanent fireworks launcher
  • 50x Yellow Dwarf-candle consumable item
  • 50x Red Dwarf-candle consumable item
  • 50x Green Dwarf-candle consumable item
  • 50x Blue Dwarf-candle consumable item
  • 50x Orange Dwarf-candle consumable item
  • 50x White Dwarf-candle consumable item
  • 50x Purple Dwarf-candle consumable item

This item is available to players on both the Legendary and non-Legendary worlds. 

All yours for only 3,495 LPs.

The pet goat, emote, and candles are all available as separate purchases, as well. The goat is 595 LP, the emote is 250 LP, and each type of candle is 100 LP/25 candles. 


Normally, account-wide steeds are 2,495 LP. The pets are usually 495/595, and emotes are around 250 LP. Non-bundled housing items can vary in price from 200 to 600 LP,, but I'd expect the Wall Engraving to be around the average price of 495, the welcome mat to be 295, and the launcher to be around 195. So, just considering the standard prices, it's fair price for what all you're getting, even without the candles.. If you have the points, this might be worth burning them.

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Thanks for the information!   I don't have quite enough points but even so I don't think this is for me even if I was still playing.  (I'm holding on to the points I have in the off-chance that they'll add something to the game that'll get me to come back.)

I maintain the upkeep on my house in part because it's full of things I earned in the game as I played through the story and did festivals.  All that stuff reminds me of the experiences I had playing through the story and the zones.

The only house decorations I paid money for are the dormouse with cheese/singing birdcage that I got with a Moria Collector's Edition I found for cheap on Amazon back when I started playing.

I'm happy for the people who like this and I'm glad SSG saw sense and made some items available separately.  The pet goat is really adorable and is the only thing I'd want to have.

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On 3/16/2019 at 3:31 AM, berry said:

In my opinion this pack should be free to vip who play the legendary server.


I expect that many people on the LS already own Moria.

To play devil's advocate: for those who don't, it's a 'new expansion'. Those were never free for VIP, iirc. ;)

I wonder how many people who already have 'regular' Moria buy this version for the goodies ('and to support the game' ;) ).

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