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Daybreak-Columbus Nova-Michael Cohen? connection...

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If a Lotro sub means not hearing the details of Trump's bedroom shenanigans then sign me up. :)

I was wondering if the Lotr Licence was in danger if they'd admitted the closer tie with Daybreak.

Jack Emmert as Sev's boss might actually be concerned how badly Lotro is being served atm.





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remember this thread here:


this bloody circus just never ends...    ;)

but lets have some linkage fun & i'll brief quote some tidbits and leave it up too all of youz to decide if you want to follow the trail of crumbs...

Soon-Shiong’s NantWorks Invests in Daybreak Games

NantWorks, LLC, is the umbrella organization for an ecosystem of companies committed to the convergence of 21st century innovative platforms to transform how we work, live and play: NantHealth, NantOmics, NantBioScience, NantCell, NantKwest, NantPharma, NantMobile, NantStudio, NantCapital and NantCloud.  AKA:  a holding company.

the CEO of Nantworks is Patrick Soon Shiong.   some tidbits from wiki name link:


In 2014 Soon-Shiong made a $12 million donation to the University of Utah.  An audit three years later found several legal violations. As part of the donation, the university was required to use Soon-Shiong's company for the services required for the research, at a total cost of $10 million. NantHealth set the price for DNA sequencing at $10,000 per sample, while auditors found that other companies charged between $2,900 and $5,000 for the same service.  Legal experts referred to it as money laundering,  or perhaps a technique to receive tax deductions for an investment in Soon-Shiong's own company.


In early January 2017, as announced by Sean Spicer, then President-elect Donald Trump met with Soon-Shiong at his Bedminster, NJ estate to discuss national medical priorities.

he is an interesting fella for sure, who has a history of controversies...

1.)   Patrick Soon-Shiong's Verity Health hospital chain declares bankruptcy

2.)  Billionaire Doctor Who Just Bought the Los Angeles Times

3.) Is Being Sued By Cher

& in November 2016 & again in January 2017  billionaire doctor palling around with Donald Trump.

here he is on CNBC talking about media being "Fake News" and the cancer of our time:

so yeah, odd...

and one little tidbit that happened very shortly after Nantworks invested in Daybreak...

H1Z1 Pro League Shuts Down, Citing Funding Failures


Monday, November 19, 2018


An estimated $3 million was owned to the teams in the H1Z1 league


“When I acquired Daybreak('s IP), I acquired not only the H1Z1 Pro League, (but) the game engines and the platform,” Soon-Shiong said. “I had no arrangements with the second split because it was a Twin Galaxies obligation. All the arrangements by Twin Galaxies to all the teams (were) made in April; I had nothing to do with Daybreak at that time.”

anywhooo, i didn't bother linking up this stuff previously (and there is a ton more info i will forgo, but the links i provided will lead to the other details if you feel inclined to dig further on your own)

... as i have been waiting for the season finally of whatever "honey Pot" this whole goofy situation ends up finally revealing.  it has dragged on for waaaay to long already.  my anticipation has left the building.

that said...  this isn't over yet;)

i did enjoy one commentor from that massively article...



The only Daybreak news I’m looking forward to is the shutdown news later this year.


and one last tidbit, Soon-Shiongs net worth & company stock has been taking a beating over the past few years.  still 7.8 Billion (down from over 12+) is still decent pickings.

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Is anyone else bothered by the prospect that all these crooked billionaires get together once a week at a high-society "Eyes Wide Shut" orgy to gloat about how they get away with so much white collar crime?

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13 hours ago, psalm8818 said:

Is anyone else bothered by the prospect that all these crooked billionaires get together once a week at a high-society "Eyes Wide Shut" orgy to gloat about how they get away with so much white collar crime?

They do. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bohemian_Grove  There is also this one. https://guestofaguest.com/new-york/technology/billionaire-summer-camp-is-now-in-session-and-it-looks-hilarious

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On 3/19/2019 at 4:12 PM, LasraelLarson said:

NantWorks, LLC, is the umbrella organization...     AKA:  a holding company.

this is a good read if you want to get a decent idea about how and why these things are so common place & pretty much infect everything:

How a Holding Company Works

and while the above article doesn't delve into the structural advantages of holding companies and offshore tax havens, it is also fairly commonplace, even well known for a monolith like google...

Google shifted $23 billion to tax haven Bermuda in 2017: filing

19 hours ago, psalm8818 said:

Is anyone else bothered by the prospect that all these crooked billionaires

i'd be less bothered if some semblance of Noblesse Oblige existed, & they built back structural strength into the societies they benefited from.

rather than the Capitalist Vultures tearing the meat off the bones and leaving rotting corpses of empty businesses & drug addled unemployed street shitters around every corner...  or mass importing divisive cheap labor foreign workers.

with regard to Patrick Soon-Shiong & daybreak games...  maybe there will be some benefit, which is exactly what they initially thought at those 6 hospitals that are now in Bankruptcy.  there is a semblance of philanthropic motive to this guy, but at literally every step of his rise in position and power, there is success followed with some controversy & a resulting loss.

he sure does like to file Patents: https://patents.justia.com/inventor/patrick-soon-shiong  the latest applications for 2019 are interesting. (as are all of them really & there are hundreds...)

maybe his interest is genuine, or maybe it momentarily lends legitimacy to his business strategy. 

regardless i found it amusing with this recent new enthusiasm regarding the latest Trump connections of possible ties to monies paid in the run up to and during the campaign Via Michael Cohen, that Nantworks also has a big Trump connection in the CEO Patrick Soon-Shiong.

3D inter-dimensional chess, or more shenanigans to write down suspect financials?  ...  as always time will tell.  ;)

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so more trouble at Daybreak...


this game has been all over the boards:

Z1 on STEAM  & formerly H1Z1

but this "BattleRoyale Style" game turns out NOT to be the next Fortnite, or PUBG, so i guess it is on to the next late to the party attempt with


set to launch this summer.

given the late hour for "BattleRoyale types" and the existing title:   PlanetSide 2  one wonders if:

1.) the existing game will be negatively impacted...  likely

2.) does this title even have the existing base to draw from?  unlikely

because Fortnite & to a lesser degree PUBG already seem to satisfy the market for "BattleRoyale types" in a similar way to how League of Legends and DOTA satisfy the MOBA scene.  not even BLIZZARD was able to penetrate that MOBA market and has been scaling Heroes of the Storm waaay back in the past year.

unless Daybreak pulls a rabbit out of the hat with PlanetSide Arena  i think this is the last year Daybreak (2019) can keep all the lights on, as they have already milked the bulk of there existing player-bases with big package offers.

i suspect 2020 is when a harsh reality will set in. much harsher than the current reality anyway. and this time there won't be any last minute billionaire investors to create a false hope.

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21 hours ago, LasraelLarson said:

so more trouble at Daybreak...



so NantG is handing full control of Z1 (&H1Z1) back to Daybreak to focus on Mobile ONLY.  (taking a Turbine i see.)

i wonder what this means for the intended Summer release of "PlanetSide Arena?"  will it still go ahead, as they seem to be quite far along in development...  i would guess yes.  but i think they already have the layoffs planned for that as well & unless a rabbit from hat scenario unfolds, i'd guess PlanetSide Arena will be immediately joining Z1 in maintenance mode.

Daybreak closing some doors may not even take until 2020.  but new milking orders for existing properties have likely been issued.  cause that Billion Dollar investor just dried up.  Daybreak surviving another day is a very short sighted game...  i see no long term here.  aggressive player-base milking just to keep lights on is increasingly going to wear thin, when so little is returned to the actual games from whence the milk comes.

eventually a social whale needs to see their status reflected in a large pool of people, or you have to throw em a luxury suite, or expensive drink // meal when they come round...  if you don't, eventually those whales will just fuck off to someone who does provide.  keeping the damn lights on, and expecting the milk to keep flowing endlessly as a result is...   delusional.  average players and whales alike are going to BOTH be leaving & over time once that exodus starts, it will continue unabated until something substantive stops the outflow.

players already hate all the new pricing packages that Daybreak has instituted, (just look at how poorly Mordor performed compared to previous expansions) & they dislike the more aggressive use of gambling mechanics like lootboxes, even if you buy, you likely won't get what you wanted, so the path too said desired state, just got exponentially longer & more expensive (both time & money.)

and yet execs will say, look at these initial numbers, they show growth of X times before we made change...  and yet somehow those multiples do not get repeated year after year, because right across the entire industry, those multiples vanish almost as fast as they were generated & the profits skimmed away, so there is nothing left to put back, but keep the lights on.  & gamers, they'll just come back regardless...  yet with Lotro player averages are the lowest they have ever been since Lotro debuted on STEAM back in July of 2012.  gamers coming back is a borrowed time strategy.  a strategy folk calling the shots have overdrawn on for years now.

for 2020 i do think we are going to see several titles, WildStar'd.  i almost want to start a poll; which MMO do you think will sunset first?  ;)

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