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Moderate Peril

Vales of Anduin (Bullroarer Test Server)

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It's a pleasant lush and verdant landscape. You can access it via the Misty Mountains, Lothlorien or the Mirkwood Forest Gate. Judging by the map we may get a Upper Anduin region that include Mount Gundabad. Also There may be an Eastern connection into the middle area of Mirkwood that we don't have at present. They've incorporated the existing Beorning starter area well. The Beorning settlements are suitable rustic but when you look hard, a lot of the building asset are weathered and lichen covered Rohan architecture. However this is a test build and fine tuning may be done. The Gladden fields are interesting as there are abandoned dredging equipment and half orc dredgers. This may well be a nod to the fact that Saruman made extensive searches to find the ring. First impression is this is a pleasant zone and a good "filling in of the gaps".












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On 4/30/2019 at 4:40 PM, Moderate Peril said:



i think it is very interesting to see another route over the "Misties" and several world regions now being connected.

makes me curious how the leveling will be addressed?

will west side of the Anduin (the route over the Misties and down to Lothlorian) be comparable to Moria?  and the east side of the Anduin level 120?  or will this consideration be overlooked entirely?  what will be the operating levels here?

& of course there is the potential for the region just North of this with Mount Gundabad & the birthplace of the Dwarves.  potential for storytelling, and potential for lair (boss battle) raids...

one thing i don't see...  a nod to the hobbits that once dwelt in the Gladden?

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There was no level raise and no ILI rise either, yet. The route from Lothlorien and up to Eryn Lasgalen is seamless, Misty Mountain has a portal. It's all 120 as you cross the borders.

Patch notes mentioned chicken but I didn't take a look whilst on but I'd imagine chickens will be making for the Lonely Mtn if they can enter the Misty portal. 



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