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Other MMOs?

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16 hours ago, Wrath of Winter said:

This may sum up why the well of MMOs has dried up. Imagination and critical thinking are becoming such damn perishable skills in these days of 1.6-second attention spans and compulsive smartphone clicking, the mainstream is not even catering to anyone with average/above average comprehension levels.

That's where seeing how well WoW classic does is going to be interesting.  I think the industry may have overcompensated for the above, when the reality is that gamers are still the gamers they have always been.

16 hours ago, Wrath of Winter said:

I know the whole ´generations getting dumber' trope is as old as time, but both tech and tech addiction are accelerating so fucking fast it's like watching the crowd get progressively dumber in real time, now at accelerated pace. Who needs content with intellectual complexity when you can shit out pixel-clickers that charge real cash for interacting with their fandom logos? For every intelligent gamer (who would immediately see through this bullshit, thus not worth marketing to), there's several dozen no-ones shambling through their non-lives who would excitedly pay to become co-dependent on mindnumbing content distracting them from their issues, interpreting consumer abuse as token of attention and marketing exploitation as love.

Which is why legislation against this has been introduced in the US Congress, so we'll see if that actually gets passed into law as the greatest evil of the convergence of gaming and psychology is turning gaming into a heroin addiction.

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On 5/12/2019 at 9:08 AM, Splay said:

I feel I am in a similar situation in the sense of me staying with Lotro even though I despise near every change that leads to more grind and the store. I don't log on near as much or as long of sessions as I once did.

Any already existing game that came from the early era of MMOs will no doubt be grind based and I don't want to commit the time to be viable for any group type setting. I have been looking for a replacement for near half a decade mostly without success. I try other games but give myself some rules. Mostly decided by what I don't want vs what I do like and ofc anything that makes me remind myself why I dislike todays LotRO gets axed soon as it is apparent.


Features that get my axe out:

Anything P2W, F2P, Micro Transactions to progress via store sales. No PvP. Endless grinding to only have its time/effort erased by a new version of the same grind.


Features that will have me lay my axe aside:

Subscription based.

Continually development. Doesn't have to be grand just ongoing and I don't mean tweeking currently released content.

Active GM's in game. Also periodic interaction with them as players. I sure do miss this kind of thing.

A store that doesn't make me cringe or is continually thrown in me face.

Preferred but not a deal breaker. A game where your interaction has consequence. Whether this be discovery, character development, or PvP.

Something where my previous choices allow a sandbox mentality to discover things that aren't openly apparent to the simple minds of the masses.

A game that isn't linear or at least not completely.

A contiguous world. Not this thing of jumping from instance to instance. I like exploration as well as any other attractant to MMOs.


A tall order perhaps. Maybe this kind of thing is of the past. What ever the case, I continue to look for something beyond the shit show that is LotRo of today. It will have to be a fairly new game because I wont play just to be in catch-up mode from the onset.

One thing I've learned in some 20 years of playing MMO's. MMO's have a shelf life and knowing when to ditch it saves a lot of headache. By shelf life, I mean it hasn't abandoned its original concept that put it the gaming world and also hasn't abandoned it newly arriving players to maintain its current, original player base. Once this moment occurs imo its time to move on.

I think there might be games in the works that would tick your boxes. But still a ways away for at least the one I'm aware of.

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