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Help for a Returning Player

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Hey all


So after many years out I've decided to return. I've had a quick play after spending nearly an hour to get the game to work and omg am I completely lost lol

My Cappy is lvl65 and jesus has stuff changed lol

The one thing which has totally got me is LI's. I have No idea what I'm meant to doing so if somebody can give me a quick idiots guide that would be great. 

The really good things is I have just over 30k in store credit. Guess it pays being a lifetimer lol

So yeah, if somebody can give me a quick run down on the whole LI's I'd be really great full. 


Cheers guys

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Personally if you really want to play this game,  you'd go back to a Legendary Server, you are so far behind and the awaiting LI grind is fucking moronic.  It is the reason I quit the live servers, I too took a decent chunk of time off and when I returned (main toons 65-80 range) the LI grind was beyond stupid. Yea starting over sucked in a way, but no way is nearly sucky as what's ahead if you stay on your current server. While the LS definitely have their faults, and a fuckton of them, it is far superior to trying to start at those middle levels on live plus if you stay on the LS you have the hope of them fixing the LI swamp before the LS gets there.  '


It's been discussed here, MMOs are a dying breed, the pickings are slim so Im going to fart around on LOTRO as long as its around and will probably never set foot in another MMO after


EDIT: I reread your post and see you have 30k in TP,  I'd buy the instant level 50 and go straight to Moria. The game is easy enough that you will have no trouble there and can go back for virtues (if you even care) after you have leveled

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Cheers for the heads up. 

I've done exactly what you suggested and to be honest I'm enjoying myself. 

I suppose having the luxury of already playing and knowing what a steaming turd the game is actually helping me go to some way to enjoying the game lol

Also having 30k in TP helps lol

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Not much about the LI system has changed, at least until you reach level 100 and can imbue your weapons. Frankly, I wouldn't waste a lot of time trying to max them out at lower levels; just decon them when you need to. Unless, of course, you want to raid.

The basics then are the same: Identify the LI at a Forge-Master, and then equip the item or slot it in the LI panel. Use Shift-I to access the LI panel.  

As you reforge it, it gets more legacies, or existing legacies get tiered up.

Use the blue pills to add IXP to the items, and don't forget to spend your legacy points to increase the rank of each legacy.

You can still use scrolls/crystals on the items:

  • Scrolls of empowerment increase the tier of a legacy (the higher the tier, the less legacy points needed to rank the legacy).
  • Crystals of remembrance add a legacy. It's typically a good idea to wait until it has all 6 base legacies before adding the 7th.
  • Scrolls of Delving add an additional 10 IXP levels to the item (opening another reforge and the ability to tier up another legacy).
  • Star-Lit crystals increase the power of the base, non-legacy statistic on the item (i.e., DPS or healing).

By default, you can level 6 LIs at a time, but you can purchase up to 4 additional slots.

Don't forget to slot your relics. Unneeded or non-class items can be deconstructed at the Relic-Master to get relics, as well as to get blue pills and shards. Shards are a special currency used in the relic system. If you decon an item of level 30 or higher, you also get a Legacy Replacement scroll. You can choose one legacy on the item to keep and apply later. You can only swap a minor legacy for a minor legacy; a major legacy can be replaced with either a major or minor legacy. However, if you do replace a major with a minor, the item loses that major slot forever. You can also get relic packs from the your class' LI vendor (21st Hall & the Docks in Loth) by vendoring Rusted Tools and Khadzul Tablets. Later, you will typically be able to barter the region's coin (Malledhrim Stars in Mirk) for relic packs (but only after you get any other rewards you want, because there's usually a finite number of these coins you can get).

Each item still has 4 relic slots - a setting, a gem, a rune, and a crafted relic. The Relic-Master offers the following tasks:

  • Relic-Forging: To combine setting, gems, and runes into better, more powerful relics. It is possible to crit when combining relics, and therefore get more relics, higher-tiered relics, and shards. There are Scrolls of Combination available in the store; the scrolls increase your chance of critting while combining relics of Tier 2 or higher.
  • Melding: To convert setting, gems, and runes into relics that better fits your class (melding requires Shards - A single Tier 10 relic can be converted into another Tier 10 relic). You can also Meld relics into blue pills, stat legacies, unique legacies, or 3rd age items.
  • Refining: To convert relics into Shards.

The devs recently added the ability to identify LIs and combine relics in bulk. When combining relics, I usually just select 50 from the menu and let the game randomly combine them all. You can only combine relics of the same tier in bulk.

At level 100, you can begin imbuing. Imbuement means that you no longer have to throw away one LI for another at different levels, and most legacies are converted into a percent-based skill/stat increases. But really, it just substitutes one grind for another, because you'll have to obtain star-lit crystals and 100s of Scrolls of Empowerment. Star-lits only drop in instances, although, of course, there are store/MC options available for practically every upgrade to each LI, legacies, relics, etc.

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