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Spotted a bargain - post here

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It's this one, but I'm an idiot and merged yours with this, and it moved the whole other thread instead of yours. Should be fixed now, though.

6 Free Batman games on the Epic Games store https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/collection/batman-free-week The Arkham collection and 3 Lego Batman games.  Each of the 2 packs is normally

I'm tempted by Cities skylines but have never got anything from Kinguin before. I'm assuming you just get a key straight away or is it a download thing?



I have bought a lot of games from Kinguin and personally i have never had a problem. Mainly I buy for steam, but i have bought several for origin and watchdogs deluxe on Uplay too. 


They send you an e-mail confirming the order and then pretty quickly afterwards you will get another e-mail that is the dispatch code. That can be something copy pastable or sometimes it's a photo of an actual gamecard. I've had both and never had an issue. 


They also do a scheme called Kinguin Buyer protection where for a small addon price, Kinguin will guarantee the product to you as well. I usually only buy it if I am buying an expensive game but it's worth it for the piece of mind if you are unsure. 


All i will say is when you look at the game, make sure you get the best deal on there as there are usually a number of different prices for the game further down the page. The price they advertise is not always the best price available. 


Edit:- also make sure you buy the correct version of the game for your region. There should be a flag indicating Russia, USA, EU etc on the game description. With the new steam restrictions, a russian key is cheaper but it won't work in the US or the EU. 

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Square Enix is having a "easter sale" on their website ... 5 games for £3.99.


Sadly you won't know which games you'll buy, but apparently the games from the bundel are worth ten times the price. If you're feeling lucky, then give it a shot but beware: the sale ends today D:


They will reveal which games are in this bundle once the sale is over.



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Apparently you get Witcher 3 free with any purchase of a Geforce 970/980 (or laptop with the mobile version of those in).

Not so much a bargain since you have to shell out for the card, but hey......I had to, my R9 280x stopped functioning correctly(as in, black screens when I try and play World of Tanks)

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The Witcher 1 & 2 are 85% off till Monday on Steam (£1.04 & £2.24 respectively).


Also, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is 80% off on Humble Store (but it's for Steam), £3.79. A good game if you've got the twitch factor.


Also, also, Antichamber is 90% off and a brilliant puzzle game (feels like a quirky Portal), £1.29.


Fuck it, just go look at Humble Bundle's Spring Sale!


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Some great deals here:


Tomb raider is great - well made - if you like that kind of game.


Anyone know: how is Just Cause 2?


More here:



Some of these will be a bit cheaper in the Steam Summer Sale - if you really want to save a dollar.

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The ultimate edition is here!


We are introducing The Secret World: Ultimate Edition! It contains the full game with all content updates so far, along with the exclusive new outfit the Zenith Core, rare and powerful starter weapons and handy potions which boost your progress in the game.


The Ultimate Edition offers the full first season of the game's main story, where you travel from New England through Egypt, Transylvania and Venice before you go to Tokyo and reap the consequences of your choices.

Read more here!



$42 for all current content, it's a hell of a deal if you've considered playing TSW.

Hmm the $42 may be an upgrade. Maybe someone without an account could confirm the price.

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Wont show me prices, but at the bottom it says


Those who already own The Secret World and wish to buy the Ultimate Edition, can upgrade their current account with all the contents in this pack and will receive one extra copy of The Secret World base game. The extra copy key will be delivered through email. 


My guess is that the price is the same for current players and new players.  Giving current players a code for the base game that they can give away is a really nice idea

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Want to try Wildstar for 30 days?


Here's your chance: https://www.humblebundle.com/twitche3?gallery&utm_source=Humble+Bundle+Newsletter&utm_campaign=4cf2e01281-E3_2015_Digital_Ticket&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_990b1b6399-4cf2e01281-132386113


Beware: If you already have an active WildStar account, you will not be able to apply the 30 days of game time.


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