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5.0 Endgame

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So I've been looking into getting geared up for the current endgame (as it helps make everything that follows easier on the WHM), and it's looking like SE has actually done us a favor and reduced the grind to get the gear (which is a huge blessing in our job system, even with the shared gear between the jobs).

Although, I may be spacing what the SB and HW initial endgame gearing was so there's always that.

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It doesn't take long to cap out your Goetia tomestones (max 2000), especially with the variety of activities in-game that award end-game currency.  Also, they changed the way the loot drops in the raid tier (Eden), so it's even easier (or rather, quicker) to get the gear you need.

Next week we will get the new tomestones (phantasmagoria) which will be capped out weekly at 450 as well as new crafted gear (for all jobs) that the die hard raiders will incorporate into their set to assist with the new savage raid tier dropping on the same day.

Lots of options, lots of stuff to do.  Looking forward to going to my static getting their first Eden savage clear.


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