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2019 Rising Festival

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So The Rising is basically the FFXIV anniversary festival, and unlike another game familiar to us, to get all the goods from the festival this year requires doing a single one time quest, and then a repeatable three times for enough currency to get all the items.  The entire thing can be done in like two hours, if that.

What makes it notable (and postworthy) is that this year is like a bunch of notes from the dev team saying thanks (in addition to the usual address from the exec producer thanking us for playing), is that we got several letters from the dev team as part of the repeatable quest, as seen http://garlandtools.org/db/#quest/69197 .

One of the few things that separates FFXIV from the rest of the MMO industry, they actually take the time to thank the playerbase, and it generally comes off as genuine.

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