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US Elections 2020

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Okay that is just the most batshit answer you could give. First as previously mentioned, not all women can take the pill for a wide range of reasons. Second, where the actual flying fuck is the respon

False equivalence, because it implies everyone has to be equally as ignorant as you are.

Back early in this thread Almagnus wanted us to take a test so he could adjust his responses. I am no fool. A person of conviction doesn't amend their opinions based on what others say. Its been more

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I am no militarist, on the contrary - whenever I hear about imperialist scum sending their soldiers to die willy-nilly I feel like sending there instead those politicians that give the order.

However, to all the Head Trolls calling the dead servicemen losers or suckers - I dedicate this song from my youth;







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On 9/12/2020 at 3:18 PM, warspeech said:

Did you see that they used this exact song to bring him out during his last airplane-hangar rally?  I kid you not.  People were wondering if his own staff was trolling him.

I am unable to believe you, but then I am also unable to believe this photo from Trump rally in MAY 2020....






To be fair, not only Americans are idiots - in Poland we'd just had a huge gethering of CoVID deniers, without masks, with calls of "Imprison Bill Gates", "The pandemic is a lie" etc...


The police did nothing of course - though they were breaking the rules, they were right-wing idiots...



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This guy would have never survived a Mueller investigation testifying in person.

The guy talks shit his whole life and in 2016 when questioned under oath, expects to not be held accountable for those same words. In the end, Trump lost and paid $25 million and was ok with that as long as he could admit no wrong doing.

Now we can see 1st hand why his attorneys try to keep him off the stand at all cost.

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On 9/23/2020 at 11:30 PM, Doro said:


"Prince Harry urges US citizens to 'reject hate speech' and vote in the presidential election"

Does this count as foreign "hacking" of an election, or is it only limited to memes on Facebook?

Well, he lives in the USA and no part of the UK Royal house anymore. And I guess his wife can/will vote in the elections; Though I don't understand why you flee away from BorisJohnson and then choose the USA ;)

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