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Pounding spikes

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In this thread, one particular player has my attention. Their posting in this thread started early on.


After playing BDO for some years, I never would've thought I'd say this again... but LOTRO is back to being the most expensive MMO, like it was for many years. The thing is LOTRO players are a special bunch. They live in a small bubble completely oblivious to the plethora of other similar games out there. So they have absolutely no idea that these prices are outrageous.

Thread summary: Thread with players bitching about SSG pricing and vertical, horizontal grinds.

Above highlighted in bold to give an example of awareness. This player says much here in one sentence. Unknown to them, they are part of this bunch and I'll illustrate this truth. Next are two links. One from them and one from me in response.


Very nice post! I think I've just had a sad revelation that shows little promise for the future. It's about how you said that aside from the price you pay for content, every single aspect of the game is heavily monetized.

So why is it that all other games are SO MUCH cheaper and they don't have a fraction of the grind that LOTRO has? How come they can afford this and LOTRO can't?

Because in these other games, you have to pay one way or another, while in LOTRO you can grind, grind, grind and unlock almost all content for free. But they don't want this, obviously. It just needs to be there as an option and it needs to look good to prospective players. So how do you prevent people from grinding out content areas easily? Well, you put a TON of other necessary grind into the game that occupies their time. Virtues, trait points, stat tomes, LIs, promotion points, leveling, endgame gearing, etc. It's so much grind per character (if you wanna make them any good in endgame) that you won't have time to roll LP alts that farm content for you. So is there any hope that these grinds for stats will be made less gruesome in the future? No, there is none. If you remove the grind for stats, players start grinding for free content.

So we have the most expensive and the most grindy MMO in one. For pretty much ever.


I just happen to have a bag of nails, the day I read this thread. LMAO And wouldn't you know it! There is a hammer in my hand. How in the fuck! Oh well. My next choice couldn't be more obvious.d;)b


Every once in a while a piece of grain slips out of the millstone.

Now that you've made this journey, whats in store for the future? Will you willingly jump back in to be ground into flour? Will you escape the mill and grow roots elsewhere?

Once such an epiphany occurs, it's a trial to return to the same old and not endure graduating, self, loathing. One can lie to themselves or create self deceptions, but in the end...

Once known, you can never unknow it.


The person who I highlighted in this thread has posted after I quoted them with my post. Though, they haven't responded to what I posted, I can assume several things.

 1. They know what I said is true but refuse an admittance.

2. They read the post but view it as aggression and they refuse to engage at any level.

3. They have me on ignore.

4. They admit it to themselves but won't on the forums,

5. They just like to complain.

Feel free to pick one of the five as a possible truth or add a sixth reason I may have overlooked.


Along the length of this thread our attorney, story teller MoL appears. Offering his thread derail attempts, employing comedic hubris. This doesn't seem to distract the special one's. The remainder of the thread is the usual boring exchange. Players trying to find a common level of the special.

I'll post in the thread later today and tomorrow I'll pick this thread back up to add an additional post.

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My biggest gripes with Turbine/SSG are:

- what they have done to the game

- the cognitive dissonance players are wrestling with

- that SSG uses that cognitive dissonance to divide the player base, while they continue with their destruction (and yes, I know, the player base keeps playing... and paying, just as Paiz said)


Once such an epiphany occurs, it's a trial to return to the same old and not endure graduating, self, loathing. One can lie to themselves or create self deceptions, but in the end...

I feel no self loathing when I spend no money on the game, while still running around in lower level areas - ha!


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Before I stopped to play I felt that in every turn the player is encouraged to pay money.

And in my opinion this is the main problem, players should want to pay money to have more fun, but in lotro I felt I need to pay to skip certain parts of the game which I don't enjoy, so I can get to the parts I do enjoy.

And it's a real shame cause I believe lotro have or at least had a lot of potential.

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and that is my main issue.  If I stop playing say STO I can jump back in at anytime and not have to drop money (I men with Lotro I dont "have" to but it really feels forced) because they over complicate things like recently the trait system.  I was maxxed out on my main, jumped back in a few weeks ago to see how I felt about it and was like wow... I gotta regrind this crap because of how they altered it (none of my virtues were maxxed) or pay to remax them.  What a joke.  I left within 5 minutes.

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Dorothy, Dorothy, Ah Dorothy

She tries so hard to remain relevant.


Still giving the forums her all, from her vast archival knowledge.

Then I come along just to pound a fuckin spike in her head.


"Maybe Heinlein knew the naval pirate slang term for an eye splice as well."

By the time she figures that one out she'll be a bit pissy.


Being as usual, stereotypical in the way she thinks like as if the world never moved on from the fuckin stone age.


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She also demonstrates her complete lack of ability to play the game or take on board any advise to help her improve her lot over the many years of posting.

She is "published" you know, self published...


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